I will always love the fun that comes with traipsing up and down Brick Lane, cans of beer in hand, trying to remember where it was I once had that great curry. However, its great to know that just around the corner from that lane where every restaurant seems to have been voted best curry house 2013, something very exciting and fresh is happening with indian cooking.

Towards the end of last summer, me and a friend spent an appropriately hot and monsoon like evening crouched in the window of tiny Gunpowder. Woking our way through some of the delights of the menu, we started with two rasam ke bomb’s. A shot glass of spiced liquid topped with a crispy sphere of potato. Invigorating and a good sign of things to come. After that was the gunpowder aloo chaat, deliciously spiced potatoes topped with creamy yogurt and bowl of the moorish porzhi okra fries. The chettinad pulled duck served with homemade oothappam (a thick pillowy pancake) was lovely, but the spicy venison and vermicelli doughnut blew us away. We finished with creamy sagg perfefection with tandoori paneer, and the paturi maach – a mustard steamed fish steamed in a banana leaf. A perfect meal, returning for the lamb chops imminently.





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